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Microsoft does not have a single platform for smartphones and is working hard to do spectacular engineering so that your space house area, house area, house, Windows desktop, carry out all the primary actions of the smart phones.

As with supply stories, Microsoft is testing a new service, as it can make louder phone calls from a Windows computer. The service is still in a trial mode and should be used in the best possible way for some determined consumers.

Probably the biggest consumers posted an identical symbol.

Customers will have to install the client-side device on their Windows personal computer and smartphone at the same time for them to work properly as marketed.

On the other hand, because it is still in its trial mode, it is not available to all consumers. Also, there is no distinctive information about it from Microsoft. So, on the other hand, we might have to take a seat for a distinctive ad to hit the grounds.

Microsoft first introduced its Telephone Mirroring application, “Your Telephone” at Compile 2018. As in line with the announcement, the application is designed as a standalone home windows program from the home area of ​​the home area that enables users to Consumers regulate notifications from their smartphones. and make contact from your own pc.

With this new service, consumers will be able to follow and properly use their smartphone notifications, messages and images without delay from the Windows 10 home software in the space home area.

Furthermore, it will also provide the power to reply to messages using your PC.

If you want to use the “Your Phone” application, you will have to link your Android device with the Home Area Home Area Windows software, each by using the Home Windows Settings of the house area of ​​space house area or with the help of the application itself.

The application will be perfectly designed on the April 10, 2018 update software of the space house area house windows and can be appropriate with Android 7 and later diversifications of your smartphone.

On the other hand, the “quick response” service is probably not supported in the first place; We will be waiting for you for artwork in later levels.


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